Indie music is a genre of music created by independent artists. It is not influenced by investors or communication strategies. Indie are simply songs born from the material and the artist’s own perspective. Regardless of genre and genre, there is no hit formula.

If one day, you accidentally hear a song like a clear confession. It is set on the tone of the guitar, the piano adds a little bit of lumpy. That is Indie.

Không gian âm nhạc đậm chất cổ điển trong Toyota Concert - Nhạc Việt

Normally, Lofi is composed of only non-lyric music with the slow, soaring melody of Soul, Jazz, or the break of Hiphop. Very rarely can people encounter human speech in the form of short lines about a certain story.

The music genre is slow, distracting, a bit sad like this. Surprisingly, it is very popular with a young community around the world. Lofi is a representation of the charm of simplicity, from the music, the picture to the name. Modern Lofi music is often the familiar beat of famous songs.

This is probably the childhood memory of many people when it comes to Jazz. But for now, so many young people are immersed in Lalaland’s songs.

All melodies and lyrics come from the artist’s sincere understanding and sympathy for the audience. It makes a connection in the soul.

Ảnh hưởng của âm nhạc cổ điển lên não bộ - Harmony Music

Indie, Lofi, Jazz, and old music remakes fulfill those requirements. Young people sympathize with the inner confidentiality of Indie lyrics, finding the desirable freedom in jazz songs.

Remakes of some artists are still awaited right from the release of the teaser is not inferior to the market music. Lofi and Jazz versions are still being listened to by young people daily. It is this characteristic that has made the young community come to, or unconsciously, turn on the music all day long.