#3 Learning a new skill is good for your brain

Research has shown that learning a brand new skill helps the brain and improves memory, and therefore the harder the skill, the more improvement you get. Associated with exercise, these two things are considered the most important for long-term brain health and neuroplasticity. Recent studies show that slower learning over time helps build strong new linkages within the brain.

New knowledge will accumulate over time, as you keep putting effort into learning a brand new skill. Given that photography has numerous elements, the science of light, the technology of the camera and also the creative artistic side, there’s tons to find out . So whatever your age, now’s the right time to begin learning photography.

#4 Health and fitness

Getting out of the house, walking about, or maybe hiking is usually a side-effect of stepping into photography. If you’re into landscapes then you’ve got to travel to where the landscape scenes are, which often means some sort of exercise. Once you’ve got enough camera gear – likely a body, some lenses, and a tripod – it can weigh an inexpensive amount and you’ll need a bag of some kind to hold it comfortably if you’re traveling any reasonable distance.

Some people prefer a more gentle sort of exercise – for health or mobility reasons while others love multi-day hikes into stunning mountain scenery. Mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking and similar sports are often popular modes of transport to induce you to a brand new landscape and permit for photography along the way.

Camera gear is heavy, so it’s important to bear in mind of any health or safety concerns. Carrying heavy cameras on straps around your neck for an extended time may be quite painful. People with disabilities or limited mobility might prefer a lighter weight option and there are many available lately . Although one among the downsides of photography , especially if you shoot RAW, is that the amount of your time you’ll spend working in front of your computer, processing the photographs, so that must be considered into your fitness regime as well