Monster Hunter Rise is widely announced by Capcom to fans. The newest member of the cult game series will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in March next year.

Tetranadon is one of the most impressive monsters appearing in the game’s trailer. It features a huge body, a giant speculum and a rugged green hump behind its back.

In an interview with the reporter, the project’s director, Mr. Ichinose Yasunari, said that Tetranadon was inspired by the Japanese character Kappa. In Japanese culture, the Kappa is a green, humanoid monster with a turtle-like shell behind its back.

Kappa often live in waterways and love to tease those who come close to their territory. Impressing with the ability to attack with a tail, Great Izuchi has an appearance that bears many similarities with the fox.

This monster is quite ferocious and will attack in groups with two small Izuchi supporting the Great Izuchi. Great Izuchi is inspired by the demon named Kamaitachi in Japanese legend.

Kamaitachi is often depicted as a fox with sickle-shaped sharp claws. They run around like flying and often attack when people are not paying attention.

Aknosom is a monster of the Bird Wyvern family with a large appearance with a crest that looks like an umbrella’s wings. Aknosom is inspired by the demon named Basan, or Basabasa. In Japanese culture, Basan is known as a giant rooster with a crimson crest. This monster has the ability to blow fire.

Typically, the spider monster Yatsukadaki appeared in the trailer, which made fans extremely excited. Although not much information about Yatsukadaki is known, it is likely that this monster was inspired by the demon named Jorogumo.

Jorogumo are youkai with the ability to transform. They often turn into beautiful girls to seduce people. And when he mastered the victim’s mind, Jorogumo appeared to form a giant spider and devoured the ill.