Legendary Walter Elias Disney is celebrated by the world for his dedication to the film production industry. He has contributed to mankind numerous improvements in the making of new types of films.

Although love and happiness are the two factors that contribute to the Disney brand. But the studio founder’s own childhood did not have those two weaknesses.

Walt Disney’s childhood was a series of days often whipped by his father. Walt and his brother suffered many blows from their father when they did something wrong.

In order to avoid the brutality of his father, Walt started drawing. The colorful pens quickly became intimate items of the young boy. Under Walt’s pen, life is no longer cruel and dark, but filled with love and happiness. This is where Walt dreams of living.

After the war, Walt moved to Kansas City, Missouri and worked at advertising animation production company Film Ad Co. The work here has given Walt many valuable lessons. The young man was fascinated by colorful cartoon characters that could move. From this moment, Walt wanted to make his own characters.

The first step is to turn the private garage into a studio for Walt to unleash his creativity. From original borrowed devices, Walt produces short animated films. The debut product brings with it the pride and happiness of a young producer.

However, Walt was nearly unable to convince theater owners to release his movies. In the midst of the film market with the abundance of well-invested productions at that time, Walt quickly failed. The consequences of the chronic loss caused Walt to sell an apartment, live in the office and sleep on the cold bench. Then, he must do everything to survive.

Homeless life lasted until 1923, Walt moved to Los Angeles to restart his career. Thanks to talent and help from his brother, Walt began to gain a foothold in the profession and have capital. This time, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a cartoon character born under Walt’s hand was known and loved by many people.

From here, Mickey Mouse, a friend of millions of children around the world was born. To make his character more perfect, Walt hired a team of professional painters and rendering engineers. He uses state-of-the-art technology to create realistic character movements and sounds.