The six kingdoms of the dwarfs were inherently peaceful, until the Rock Kingdom attacked. Following the success of the first Trolls, Dreamworks expands the story of mischievous trolls. The troll world was divided into six kingdoms, representing six musical genres.

Until the Queen of Rock Barb invaded the remaining kingdoms to unify the trolls. Faced with common danger, Pop Queen Poppy along with Branch and the group decide to set off to rescue the music. The journey helps the trolls grow, learn to listen to each other and understand the world.

Trolls World Tour is Now Available To Watch On Demand

In terms of images, Dreamworks’ dwarf world does not bring ugly creatures and evil tricks like in Norse mythology. They are colorful girls, boys, funny personalities and love music.

Creation of dwarfs of each music genre with features of music genre, highlighting personality. Princess Poppy has a pink color and a playful face and an upbeat personality, representing the pop music genre.

For electronic music, the image of King Trollex and the inhabitants of Techno Troll kingdom is dyed in reflective color with many graphic details. With Barb, her shape is typical of Rocker with the main color of red and black, showing her hot and fierce personality.

Trolls World Tour has many covers of famous songs. Different from the previous one – using only pop songs, the new movie contains hit songs of many genres. Directed by composer Theodore Shapiro.

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Focusing on many famous voices to contribute to the work’s attraction. Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne plays King Thrash of the Rock, music legend Gustavo Dudamel plays Trollzart of the Classic.

Trolls World Tour is still well received by the audience. The film is limited to countries that are not blocked by the blockade, and will also be released on streaming services. Realizing the potential of a new form of film release, NBCUniversal director Jeff Shell plans to apply both cinema and “home media” at the same time.