Movie actor ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson is still the hottest name in Hollywood. As he always topped the list of huge income for 2 consecutive years.

Also, second is Ryan Reynolds, who co-starred with Johnson in the film Red Notice. Total revenue of 71.5 million USD in 1 year, with 20 million USD. That’s when he participated in this film and 20 million USD from Six Underground.

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At third place with 58 million USD is actor and producer Mark Wahlberg, star of the action comedy Spenser Confidential directed by Peter Berg. Next on the list are Ben Affleck with $ 55 million and Vin Diesel with $ 54 million.

Akshay Kumar is the only Bollywood star in the top 10. He holds sixth place with an income of 48.5 million USD. Next on the list are Lin-Manuel Miranda, Will Smith, and Adam Sandler.

Time last year, just a few days after getting married, with a total income of 89.4 million USD. Chris Hemsworth ranked 2nd with 76.4 million USD and “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. third place with 66 million USD.

When Dwayne was a child, his father Mr. Rocky Johnson tried to become a wrestler and his family went bankrupt. Dwayne remembers when he was 14 years old, watching his mother’s car get confiscated. And a week later they were taken and kicked out of the house they were living.

He began promoting himself as a wrestler at small matches held at the fair. He made $ 40 a night until he joined the WWE tournament (Wrestling entertainment world) with the name “The Rock”. Since then, in the following 5 years, he became the biggest star in professional wrestling.

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That film led the way for a decade of playing different characters, making him the fastest-growing Hollywood artist with movies grossing $ 1.3 billion.

Also during this time, Dwayne continued to build a 7-dollar production company. The company’s recent project is the documentary film “Rock and Hard Place” that has inspired many young people. That’s as if they were born a second time in their lives.