As a continuation of the events that happened in The Division, Ubisoft’s The Division 2 will take gamers to a new location – Washington D.C, the US capital. Of course it will have many changes compared to its predecessor. So this article is to help you prepare yourself to fight the old epidemic and new enemies in The Division.

Even as a PC game, The Division 2 will not appear on the familiar Steam distribution platform. The game will be sold on only two stores, Uplay and Epic Games Store. Ubisoft says it has no plans for the release of The Division 2 on Steam.

So you will have to choose one of the two stores above if you want to play this game. In addition, since Ubisoft and Epic have reached a partnership agreement, future Ubisoft titles will not be released on Steam.

The game takes you to Washington D.C, now in a state of devastation by the plague. The gamer’s playground in this city was 20 percent larger than Manhattan in the first version, and very different.

That’s instead of narrow streets and tall buildings jostling the sky, the low buildings, small of Washington gives gamers a much more open and expansive scene. Gamers will discover more types of terrain, including a flooded commercial street, abandoned residential area, nature-covered roads.

In the first, when you reach level 30, gamers will begin to see the presence of a new faction, Black Tusk. They will appear in every corner of Washington D.C, and the game’s missions and features will change to reflect the existence of this new faction.

Black Tusk is a “hi-tech” force tasked with destroying the survivors in Washington D.C with high-tech weapons and robots. They promise to bring new challenges that gamers need to overcome.

To fight the elite soldiers of Black Tusk, gamers will unlock new weapons at level 30 including crossbows, 50 caliber sniper rifles, grenade launchers. These three weapons correspond to the three classes of characters: Survivalist, Demolitionist and Sharpshooter.