Watch Dogs: Legion – Ubisoft’s famous hacker game was officially released on PS4, Xbox One and PC. So what about Watch Dogs: Legion? This game also received a lot of praise in parallel with the criticism despite many significant improvements compared to the previous two games.

Temporarily leaving the two cities of Chicago and San Francisco in the US, Watch Dogs: Legion brings players to London, England in the near future. After the events of Watch Dogs 2, there was a huge change in technological development around the world.

As a result, automated machines and artificial intelligence are popping up everywhere. This had a positive effect on the UK economy, but as a result many people in the country were left out of their jobs.

There are also drones and electric vehicles on the streets of London that are automatically controlled through a system called ctOs. This is a computer network developed by the tech company Blume that we encountered in the first two games.

We in this section are Albion – a military company with jurisdiction over London, and Clan Kelly – a criminal organization specializing in trafficking, transporting people through the dark web. Legion is not too different from Watch Dogs 2.

Although London is built in the future, Ubisoft still retains the historical features of London combined with strong development from technology. They make for a beautiful city of London. That’s great for running around exploring the city and hacking into devices or snooping on pedestrian information.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft has brought players a new experience that you can play a lot of characters through recruiting new members to the hacker guild. You can recruit a laner or even an enemy hacker or Albion henchman, as long as you find a weakness or find what that person needs.