Normally, the left analog will be used to move, while the right analog to adjust the shooting direction of the character. Space Cows is set in a world where the main character is a gentle, lonely farmer, whose fortune only has a dairy cow as a friend.

Therefore, the character movement is not simply where to go, but will also be affected by deviation and delay after each turn. These little factors add to the value of the game, leaving players excited and sticking with Space Cows for a considerable amount of time.

It seems that Space Cows belongs to this segment, when the game is taken seriously and thoughtfully. That’s with a horizontal screen 2D layout, but using completely 3D character models and environments. Space Cows shows the player a quite sophisticated and meticulous investment.

In general, for the easygoing people, this can also be considered an effort of the company, but with many more difficult people, it will inevitably be despised. After all, the layout of the Space Cows buttons and controls doesn’t seem very convenient.

I don’t know what other versions are, but in the Nintendo Switch version used by the writer, it is confused. Because they are too close together while the use is completely different.

You are Xervox, an alien receiving a distress signal from a small blue planet. Their farm animals were tested on and as a result received dangerously high intelligence!

Space Cows is a free game developed by Seven Diamonds, under the category Arcade Games. Once downloaded, click on the file you just downloaded to begin the installation process.

The installation interface is very simple, the installation will take place quickly. If there is any problem you can go to FAQ of Bluestacks to see how to handle.