Final Fantasy VIII Remastered – Twenty years old, and we’re still back here to review this game. Why so?

So the story? Judging how valuable a story is, is somewhat difficult to tell. But this game really does not stand out as its predecessor in the plot. If Square Enix used artificial intelligence smoothing technology like Gigapixel AI to sharpen the background images, things would probably be better than seen.

Returning to the Junction System, when meeting enemies, you can draw magic from them to transfer over you. Smoking is allowed, you can cast it again on an enemy, and this will destroy a unit of that spell.

You can have at most 100 units per spell, and the stat assigned will increase depending on the spell type and the number of the spell. In addition, you can assign spells to immunity or to have certain elemental or state attacks.

This led to some criticism of the system, as it sometimes makes the experience repetitive. However, the Remaster has a function of 3 times that speed, which will make the process much faster.

In addition, a feature that is also quite important and unique to each character is Limit Break. When your character is in a critical state of blood, you can perform special and different attacks.

And specifically what they are, experience yourself so that the game will guide you. Final Fantasy VIII is not the title game with the most compelling, most dramatic, or the most traumatic storyline. But it is a very beautiful and fulfilling story.

The protagonist Squall is born to fulfill a destiny to which he is entrusted, only to win. He goes back to where he started in the past.

Fate and fulfillment do not stop there. The love between Squall and Rinoa is also being guided, a happy ending to the unfinished past of their parents.