Learn how the music in the blockbuster games is performed

With the fierce competition coming from the market, the game products are always racing to improve their quality to serve the fastidious players.

Playing a role as one of the addictive catalysts for the game, it is not too difficult to understand when the cost of the game’s soundtracks is increasing to meet the increasingly demanding experience of players. Therefore, to create a game soundtrack, it takes many steps.

Get an idea of ​​the type of music to be used

This is the first step that any game maker needs to consider carefully. With each game genre, each different game circuit will have the corresponding music that cannot be used interchangeably. It is impossible to put rock metal music in gaming of an emotional game genre or pop ballad into a battle game.

Metal music can be used in battle games

Composing the song melody

After determining what kind of music will be used for the game, the next stage is for the musician to compose the melody of the song that will be used to integrate into the game. This is one of the most successful stages. They have to play the raw version of the game to grasp the gameplay, content as well as imagine how the music will be used.

Imagine having to play unfinished characters and watch a documentary, you will understand why you say this is the most successful stage. Every scene change, every moment in the game, you need a song that reminds the listener of the game.

Writing lyrics

Unlike the melody usually associated with the game’s cutscenes, the lyrics will often be taken from the plot. This requires the composer to understand the whole storyline to choose the most suitable lyrics to convey the entire content of the song. In addition, the musician can choose many other development directions such as the main character model, the context of the game.

Creating multiple mixes

From the complete theme track, remixes are now developed for use in a variety of situations such as Menu background music, transition music, plot ending music…

Remixes are now developed for use in a variety of situations


The final stage is testing, when everything has been prepared and integrated into the beta of the game, the testing will be very important to see how players react to their emotions. Thereby, it can be adjusted to be more reasonable.

Sometimes the music is good but makes the player feel uncomfortable, so blockbuster games often choose to release beta versions for gamers to experience first.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – The perfect heir to Castlevania

If you’re looking for a game to go back to Castlevania’s heyday, then Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a perfect choice in every respect.

The game has been waiting for a long time by the community – Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is finally released after a long wait. Known as a direct transmission of the legendary game series Castlevania, it’s no wonder a huge fan base is expecting it.

It seems that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night really did exactly as it promised. It offers classic gameplay with lots of valuable improvements.

The main character Miriam suffers from a mysterious disease, which causes her body to be invaded by special crystals. In return, this also gives Miriam the power to absorb the living energy from the object, making Miriam a true superman. In order to save herself, Miriam must find the origin as well as a cure for this strange disease in a mysterious castle.

You will notice the familiarity in the gameplay of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. That’s when the whole castle that Miriam needs to explore is divided into many small areas separated from each other.

Each place like that is completely separate from the new system of monsters, equipment and bosses. Small details like a corridor separating the two areas. If you are a player who loves Castlevania, you will not take more than 5 minutes to get used to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Because everything is too familiar.

The game will go from low to high, Miriam will get items or skills to unlock new areas from the bosses she defeated. This mechanism is identical to the Castlevania series, meaning you will constantly encounter doors or agencies that cannot be opened. Then take an item from the boss or pick it up and come back to solve it.

Detailed instructions about the characters in Persona 5

Persona 5 Royal DLC is coming soon, here will be a tutorial on how to play P5R through regional unlocking. Persona 5 Royal this time has added many new content, mainly of which is the third semester with the ninth and tenth palaces.

Some rankings are based on the number of days and events given. If you don’t rate them, you’ll miss out on additional gameplay and important, new stories. To begin with, let’s start with Goro Akechi in Persona 5 Royal, arcana Justice.

In the original Persona 5, Akechi’s Arc Confidant is tied to the events of the story. Your first meeting with Akechi was in early June, when you were on a field trip to the TV Station. This is an unforgettable milestone as it is the first event. You will reach level 1.

Goro Akechi will appear in a new area in Persona 5 Royal – Kichijoji, to hang out. He will be the catalyst for players to discover some new things like playing billiards and relaxing at the jazz club. You can reach levels 2 to 5 and there is no time gate. However, at level 3 his Confidant requires you to have knowledge and spells at level 3 before joining.

Next, let’s move on to Kasumi Yoshizawa, the new transfer student at Shujin Academy. Players will encounter Kasumi on the train very early. But then you don’t really interact with her until the new park cleanup event.

You will notice that Kasumi has only five Confidant ranks, different from the others. Levels 2 to 5 aren’t controlled by anything and can be easily unlocked after you meet her – you’ll see her hang out in Kichijoji.

Maruki joins the story after the first palace and is hired by the school to help students overcome their problems. During a story event automatically introduces him to the player. Since you and your friends have endured a traumatic experience, you have to come see him.

Interesting stories about famous songs of The Beatles

The true story of the birthplace of hit hits by legendary band The Beatles is something any fan wants to know. Recently, musician and singer Paul McCartney of the famous British group revealed to National Geographic magazine.

That is a picture of a woman breast-feeding, published by this National Geographic magazine in 1965. The caption of the photo: “Madonna Mountain, a nursing baby” gave him his attention. thought to write the title and opening sentence for this song.

Not only “Lady Madonna”, but other famous songs of The Beatles have secrets or interesting circumstances of birth. Some stories have been known to many people. For example, “Penny Lane” is an area of ​​Liverpool and “Strawberry Field” is a kindergarten where John Lennon used to play as a child.

The real story behind this song will surprise you. After having her driver’s license confiscated for a year for speeding.

McCartney was unable to drive herself. Once the driver drove him to John Lennon’s house, McCartney asked the driver, “Are you busy at work?” The man replied, “Busy? I worked eight days a week. ” Immediately, McCartney ran inside and bragged to Lennon: “I have a song title.” And they started to write the song Eight days a weeks in an hour later.

Until 1966, most songs by The Beatles were written about love between men and women. It was McCartney’s aunt who challenged him to expand the subject of composition.

Nigerian conga drummer Jimmy Scott in the Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames group is the owner of the strange phrase above. It took on a special significance in his tribal language, something he never shared with anyone.

However, the song has no such meaning. It was born around the time the Beatles rock group disbanded and Paul dreamed of his mother saying comforting words to him.

One day, a group of teenage girl fans of The Beatles broke into his house in St. Petersburg. John’s Wood. A girl in the group had climbed through the window of McCartney’s bathroom and climbed inside, then opened the door for the others to enter.

Margo Bird was the girl who broke into McCartney’s house. She has been following the singer for a long time, so she knows when he often walks his dog. During the hack, Bird stole some of the singer’s clothes along with some photos and movies.

Crossout – a post apocalyptic action game just launched by Playpark

PlayPark game portal has officially launched Crossout – MMOG action game based on a post-apocalyptic world. The main content of Crossout allows players to assemble unique machines from materials collected outside of Earth.

The world of Crossout is home to groups of survivors with different ways of playing. Lunatics, for example, represents a group of people who are bohemian, independent and love fast cars, melee combat. The Steppenwolves are well-trained veterans in battle tactics, with good armored vehicles and long-range cannons.

The map system and game mode are also one of Crossout’s impressive elements. The battles will take players to many different locations on the map such as abandoned factories, dry river.

In their quest for resources and domination, players will attack the settlements. They protect the merchant convoys from raids, destroy oil rigs or attempt to defeat the Leviathans.

In between battles, players can have fun with the Race mode. It was a race to take first place when going downhill without using weapons. Although launched in the European market, Crossout still receives the love of the Asian gaming community.

After a period of negotiation and preparation, the publisher Asiasoft (Playpark) has officially launched this game in other countries. This is a start that promises to bring the best experience to the community of players.

Crossout games allow players to design fantasy vehicles for use in PvP battles with real gamers or PvE missions with the presence of intelligent AI. Assemble vehicles from individual parts, drive them into battle, and destroy your enemies in fiery online battles.

Crossout gameplay focuses on crafting and upgrading vehicles in battle, being able to trade and exchange details to create unique combat machines. The game is set in the post-apocalyptic period, after the nuclear war and the failed genetic tests similar to those in the Mad Max universe.

The movie actor ‘‘ The Rock” – Dwayne Johnson is the top income-maker in the world

Movie actor ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson is still the hottest name in Hollywood. As he always topped the list of huge income for 2 consecutive years.

Also, second is Ryan Reynolds, who co-starred with Johnson in the film Red Notice. Total revenue of 71.5 million USD in 1 year, with 20 million USD. That’s when he participated in this film and 20 million USD from Six Underground.

Nam diễn viên có thu nhập cao nhất thế giới tiếp tục gọi tên ...

At third place with 58 million USD is actor and producer Mark Wahlberg, star of the action comedy Spenser Confidential directed by Peter Berg. Next on the list are Ben Affleck with $ 55 million and Vin Diesel with $ 54 million.

Akshay Kumar is the only Bollywood star in the top 10. He holds sixth place with an income of 48.5 million USD. Next on the list are Lin-Manuel Miranda, Will Smith, and Adam Sandler.

Time last year, just a few days after getting married, with a total income of 89.4 million USD. Chris Hemsworth ranked 2nd with 76.4 million USD and “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. third place with 66 million USD.

When Dwayne was a child, his father Mr. Rocky Johnson tried to become a wrestler and his family went bankrupt. Dwayne remembers when he was 14 years old, watching his mother’s car get confiscated. And a week later they were taken and kicked out of the house they were living.

He began promoting himself as a wrestler at small matches held at the fair. He made $ 40 a night until he joined the WWE tournament (Wrestling entertainment world) with the name “The Rock”. Since then, in the following 5 years, he became the biggest star in professional wrestling.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson do dự tái hôn sau một lần đổ vỡ | Văn ...

That film led the way for a decade of playing different characters, making him the fastest-growing Hollywood artist with movies grossing $ 1.3 billion.

Also during this time, Dwayne continued to build a 7-dollar production company. The company’s recent project is the documentary film “Rock and Hard Place” that has inspired many young people. That’s as if they were born a second time in their lives.

‘Trolls World Tour’ – The musical world of trolls

The six kingdoms of the dwarfs were inherently peaceful, until the Rock Kingdom attacked. Following the success of the first Trolls, Dreamworks expands the story of mischievous trolls. The troll world was divided into six kingdoms, representing six musical genres.

Until the Queen of Rock Barb invaded the remaining kingdoms to unify the trolls. Faced with common danger, Pop Queen Poppy along with Branch and the group decide to set off to rescue the music. The journey helps the trolls grow, learn to listen to each other and understand the world.

Trolls World Tour is Now Available To Watch On Demand

In terms of images, Dreamworks’ dwarf world does not bring ugly creatures and evil tricks like in Norse mythology. They are colorful girls, boys, funny personalities and love music.

Creation of dwarfs of each music genre with features of music genre, highlighting personality. Princess Poppy has a pink color and a playful face and an upbeat personality, representing the pop music genre.

For electronic music, the image of King Trollex and the inhabitants of Techno Troll kingdom is dyed in reflective color with many graphic details. With Barb, her shape is typical of Rocker with the main color of red and black, showing her hot and fierce personality.

Trolls World Tour has many covers of famous songs. Different from the previous one – using only pop songs, the new movie contains hit songs of many genres. Directed by composer Theodore Shapiro.

Trolls World Tour' Review | Hollywood Reporter

Focusing on many famous voices to contribute to the work’s attraction. Heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne plays King Thrash of the Rock, music legend Gustavo Dudamel plays Trollzart of the Classic.

Trolls World Tour is still well received by the audience. The film is limited to countries that are not blocked by the blockade, and will also be released on streaming services. Realizing the potential of a new form of film release, NBCUniversal director Jeff Shell plans to apply both cinema and “home media” at the same time.

Helen Mirren plays a thriller at age 72

At the age of 72, the owner of the golden statue of Oscar Helen Mirren still transformed into Lady Winchester. And she led viewers into the mysterious spiritual story of the famous American haunted mansion.

The film is based on the true story of the Winchester family. Actress Helen Mirren plays the daughter-in-law of the Winchester family, owner of the largest firearms manufacturing company in the United States. It is also the main source of weapons for the US military in wars and conquests.

Helen Mirren kể chuyện bị lừa tiền qua điện thoại – Thời Báo Newspaper

The number of deaths under the gun barrel created by Winchester is up to hundreds, millions of people. She realized that she and her family were possessed by the spirits slaughtered in a vicious shooting. And she decided to build a giant fortified mansion to stop the ghosts.

The newly released trailer clearly shows the scary color of the ghost in the dark rooms. The opening is a description of the peculiar architecture of the mansion. The interior of the house is extraordinarily luxurious with a different layout. The pillars are built upside down, doors open to walls or open up spaces from the 3rd floor.

All were built completely according to the will of widower owner Sarah Winchester.

People around and even the doctor nearby are skeptical about her psychology and monstrous behavior when trying to build a series of empty rooms. And then closed them by the door with 13 nails.

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She believes it is possible to distract ghosts by creating very peculiar features in the house. And this will keep her safe from the haunted state. Those who own more than 50 percent of the shares in the weapons manufacturing company of the Winchester family.

The stairs ended in the ceiling, the large rooms were separated by walls. They are well decorated and fully furnished. At the same time, the number 13 and spider web pattern are used throughout the building.

European Tour extended off time

The European Tour continued to close until at least the end of July. That was following the announcement of the cancellation of the tournament in France and Germany, postponing the event in Scotland.

The European Tour updated the schedule for the 2019-2020 season during Covid-19. Accordingly, they decided to cancel the BMW International Open. Also pause indefinitely Scottish Open. The ban on gathering people in France is valid until the end of July.

Open de France là giải golf mở rộng lâu đời nhất tại châu Âu. Ảnh: Le Figaro.

“Ensuring safety for public health is a top priority, so we negotiated with the host and sponsors and decided to stop the event. The upcoming schedule is still under careful scrutiny. and we only resume the season when the environment is really safe, “said European Tour CEO Keith Pelley.

The BMW International Open is an event in Germany with a 31-year history. It is scheduled to take place at the Munich Eichenried Golf Club with a prize fund of $ 2.17 million. Open de France has a reward fund of 1.63 million USD.

The Scottish Open, playing at the Renaissance Club with a $ 7 million reward budget, is part of the Rolex Series. This is one of the eight major events of the European Tour.

The prize fund for each prize is the lowest at the same number. The Renaissance Club is also the “destination” of the LPGA Tour 2020 in mid-August.

Born in 1906, Open de France is Europe’s oldest extended golf tournament, an annual contribution since the European Tour was founded in 1972. After two years of the Rolex Series, it has become a regular tournament in the world.

Các golfer quốc tế gặp khó khi trở lại Mỹ tham dự PGA Tour

There have been 17 European Tour awards that have been postponed, or stopped altogether due to the epidemic, including the Rolex Series events. According to the revised overall schedule, British Masters from July 30 to August 2 top the remaining 15 European Tour events this season.

A few days ago, CEO Keith Pelley sent a memorandum to the golfers, advising them to be mentally prepared for the risk of losing bonuses. That’s having their logistics removed and “plowing their faces” once the European Tour reopen the arena.

More than 100 years of secret about the Hollywood movie capital

Hollywood’s film industry is over 100 years old. Nowadays, it has become the film capital of the world and a place for many big dreams, many fairy tales have started from this country of flowers.

In the past, when film was invented, Hollywood was just a small village with a lot of fields. In 1900, there were only 500 people living in Hollywood and no movie theaters. Back then, if any Hollywood people saw the camera, they probably thought it was some kind of dangerous secret weapon.

Du lịch Hollywood – kinh đô điện ảnh của thế giới

In addition, the reason why the filmmakers chose Hollywood as the promised land is because they want to run away from New York. That’s where Jeremiah Kennedy’s exclusive film corporation.

Each mini studio then had only one camera, beating the camera meant that the studio closed or even went bankrupt. And they realized New York was no longer a good place for independent filmmakers.

For studios, the most important thing is to go far away from Jeremiah Kennedy, his corporation and his gangsters. It is best to go to a remote place no one knows, hard to come.

Later no one knows exactly why they chose Hollywood back then. But the number of sunny days of the year helps them save money on electricity because spinning without lights can be a compelling reason. In addition, Hollywood is close to mountains and the sea and is a large flat area that creates fascinating scenes for movies.

The billboard erected on the hill signals the beginning of Hollywood’s entry as Hollywoodland when erected in 1923. The last four syllables are erased when the sign is remade in 1949.

A few years after moving to Hollywood, independent studios were strong enough to confront Jeremiah Kennedy and his corporation. Eventually the film industry broke the monopoly dream of monopolies and the constantly increasing Hollywood population.

Du lịch Hollywood – kinh đô điện ảnh của thế giới

Mulan has an investment budget of $ 200 million, which is only a small number in the revenue of the movie industry. Analysts said Hollywood could lose up to $ 20 billion if the disease continues to grow stronger.

And yet, according to observers, June is the season of bomb attacks breaking the box office. But if the disease is not controlled, the revenue loss will reach 20 billion USD. Apart from Mulan, another blockbuster awaits is 007.