Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be released this month, Divinity fans should prepare to get used to it. In this boot, let’s go to the topic that many players are most interested in: whether it is necessary to play part 1 of Divinity: Original Sin to understand the whole story?

Good news for those who are wondering between having to play Divinity: Original Sin 1 to fully understand part 2. It is the plot of these two completely independent from each other, the common point is that they are set in the same context of Divinity World: Original Sin only.

One of the biggest differences of Divinity: Original Sin 2 compared to part 1 is the character line. If in part 1 we will follow the two main male and female characters with a plot revolving around them, then in part 2 things will change completely.

At Divinity Original Sin 2 everything is completely liberalized. You can create your own main character or choose from available characters in the game. Each of these people will have an independent life and storyline. This means that in addition to the main game, you will learn about the side effects of each member of the party spanning the process of learning the world of Divinity: Original Sin 2.

This makes the duration of the game longer and more attractive, guessing that you will spend about 15 hours more to understand the entire plot of each character. If in part 1, the player who is framed in a certain race is human, then in part 2 things will be much more diverse. A total of 4 races in Divinity Original Sin 2 for you to control.

Each race will have different stats, so depending on the class of melee characters, archers or mages, you will have the appropriate choice. Race also affects how NPCs talk to your party, for example spirits are not very welcome in human cities.

Lizards always consider themselves the upper class with everyone around them. Therefore, choosing a diverse party will help you a lot during the game.