Hollywood’s film industry is over 100 years old. Nowadays, it has become the film capital of the world and a place for many big dreams, many fairy tales have started from this country of flowers.

In the past, when film was invented, Hollywood was just a small village with a lot of fields. In 1900, there were only 500 people living in Hollywood and no movie theaters. Back then, if any Hollywood people saw the camera, they probably thought it was some kind of dangerous secret weapon.

Du lịch Hollywood – kinh đô điện ảnh của thế giới

In addition, the reason why the filmmakers chose Hollywood as the promised land is because they want to run away from New York. That’s where Jeremiah Kennedy’s exclusive film corporation.

Each mini studio then had only one camera, beating the camera meant that the studio closed or even went bankrupt. And they realized New York was no longer a good place for independent filmmakers.

For studios, the most important thing is to go far away from Jeremiah Kennedy, his corporation and his gangsters. It is best to go to a remote place no one knows, hard to come.

Later no one knows exactly why they chose Hollywood back then. But the number of sunny days of the year helps them save money on electricity because spinning without lights can be a compelling reason. In addition, Hollywood is close to mountains and the sea and is a large flat area that creates fascinating scenes for movies.

The billboard erected on the hill signals the beginning of Hollywood’s entry as Hollywoodland when erected in 1923. The last four syllables are erased when the sign is remade in 1949.

A few years after moving to Hollywood, independent studios were strong enough to confront Jeremiah Kennedy and his corporation. Eventually the film industry broke the monopoly dream of monopolies and the constantly increasing Hollywood population.

Du lịch Hollywood – kinh đô điện ảnh của thế giới

Mulan has an investment budget of $ 200 million, which is only a small number in the revenue of the movie industry. Analysts said Hollywood could lose up to $ 20 billion if the disease continues to grow stronger.

And yet, according to observers, June is the season of bomb attacks breaking the box office. But if the disease is not controlled, the revenue loss will reach 20 billion USD. Apart from Mulan, another blockbuster awaits is 007.