Mass Effect is one of the great action shooter series that everyone should play through. It is set when humans have gone out into space and joined species from all over the planet.

In the game, the characters can use a special ability like The Force of Star Wars. The character’s skills are quite important and useful, helping to give the player a great advantage.

The main character is Shepard – an earth soldier. You can customize the character’s face and gender, but Shepard’s canon face is still the default face. Depending on the class of the main character, there will be a set of skills and weapons that must be used.

At the beginning of the game, Shepard and his two teammates were sent to the planet Eden Prime. You need to collect Prothean Beacon items and investigate about the strange creatures that attacked the team on that planet earlier.

Not long after stepping down, a young man on the team fell asleep from Headshot by a Geth army drone. It was an army of machines with artificial intelligence, so only one young man left to fight with Shepard was Kaidan.

The two find the first survivor on the planet is Ashley – a girl in the army following the research team. Everyone found it odd that the Geths never left their planet Veil.

Not only the Geth army is the only enemy on the planet, but also creatures that look like zombies created by Geth’s army on it. Shepard discovers that the one who has led these incidents is a Turian creature named Saren.

He also targeted the Beacon on the planet but used it with his own intrigue. When Shepard finds Saren, he sees a strange spaceship with a shape like a squid flying off the planet. However, Shepard did not know what it was.