With the fierce competition coming from the market, the game products are always racing to improve their quality to serve the fastidious players.

Playing a role as one of the addictive catalysts for the game, it is not too difficult to understand when the cost of the game’s soundtracks is increasing to meet the increasingly demanding experience of players. Therefore, to create a game soundtrack, it takes many steps.

Get an idea of ​​the type of music to be used

This is the first step that any game maker needs to consider carefully. With each game genre, each different game circuit will have the corresponding music that cannot be used interchangeably. It is impossible to put rock metal music in gaming of an emotional game genre or pop ballad into a battle game.

Metal music can be used in battle games

Composing the song melody

After determining what kind of music will be used for the game, the next stage is for the musician to compose the melody of the song that will be used to integrate into the game. This is one of the most successful stages. They have to play the raw version of the game to grasp the gameplay, content as well as imagine how the music will be used.

Imagine having to play unfinished characters and watch a documentary, you will understand why you say this is the most successful stage. Every scene change, every moment in the game, you need a song that reminds the listener of the game.

Writing lyrics

Unlike the melody usually associated with the game’s cutscenes, the lyrics will often be taken from the plot. This requires the composer to understand the whole storyline to choose the most suitable lyrics to convey the entire content of the song. In addition, the musician can choose many other development directions such as the main character model, the context of the game.

Creating multiple mixes

From the complete theme track, remixes are now developed for use in a variety of situations such as Menu background music, transition music, plot ending music…

Remixes are now developed for use in a variety of situations


The final stage is testing, when everything has been prepared and integrated into the beta of the game, the testing will be very important to see how players react to their emotions. Thereby, it can be adjusted to be more reasonable.

Sometimes the music is good but makes the player feel uncomfortable, so blockbuster games often choose to release beta versions for gamers to experience first.