The true story of the birthplace of hit hits by legendary band The Beatles is something any fan wants to know. Recently, musician and singer Paul McCartney of the famous British group revealed to National Geographic magazine.

That is a picture of a woman breast-feeding, published by this National Geographic magazine in 1965. The caption of the photo: “Madonna Mountain, a nursing baby” gave him his attention. thought to write the title and opening sentence for this song.

Not only “Lady Madonna”, but other famous songs of The Beatles have secrets or interesting circumstances of birth. Some stories have been known to many people. For example, “Penny Lane” is an area of ​​Liverpool and “Strawberry Field” is a kindergarten where John Lennon used to play as a child.

The real story behind this song will surprise you. After having her driver’s license confiscated for a year for speeding.

McCartney was unable to drive herself. Once the driver drove him to John Lennon’s house, McCartney asked the driver, “Are you busy at work?” The man replied, “Busy? I worked eight days a week. ” Immediately, McCartney ran inside and bragged to Lennon: “I have a song title.” And they started to write the song Eight days a weeks in an hour later.

Until 1966, most songs by The Beatles were written about love between men and women. It was McCartney’s aunt who challenged him to expand the subject of composition.

Nigerian conga drummer Jimmy Scott in the Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames group is the owner of the strange phrase above. It took on a special significance in his tribal language, something he never shared with anyone.

However, the song has no such meaning. It was born around the time the Beatles rock group disbanded and Paul dreamed of his mother saying comforting words to him.

One day, a group of teenage girl fans of The Beatles broke into his house in St. Petersburg. John’s Wood. A girl in the group had climbed through the window of McCartney’s bathroom and climbed inside, then opened the door for the others to enter.

Margo Bird was the girl who broke into McCartney’s house. She has been following the singer for a long time, so she knows when he often walks his dog. During the hack, Bird stole some of the singer’s clothes along with some photos and movies.