It can be said that this is one of the indie games worth playing for those who love action, adventure. Or simply if you want to challenge your patience.

Instead of exploring the beautiful and green lands like other games, entering Hollow Knight, you will be lost in the gloomy insect world. And of course. The player will transform into a warrior.

Just entering the game, you will immediately meet an old man insect in a place called Dirthmouth. According to this old man, the creatures began to go crazy. And the tourists have been robbed of their memory, so this place has become so gloomy and haunted.

After talking boring, you can freely explore the maze of caves, tunnels and hidden in them are dangers and secrets waiting for players. While exploring the mysterious areas, you will gradually pick up small stories scattered all over the place.

And when put together, it will find a more complete story about this strange world of bugs. This is one of the brightest elements in the game when all the details are hand-painted in a novel style, according to the developer.

The design of the creatures is also extremely lively and reasonable as each area will have a corresponding type of appearance. These details are shown quite clearly and mostly to make the world of insects more interesting. And they can only appear in places that don’t have to fight much, so they won’t affect the player much.

In the early days of getting acquainted with the game, surely some players will have some difficulty in dancing and attacking. But after just over 30 minutes, this will no longer make it difficult for you.

In addition, the fighting with creatures is also quite interesting when there are many different types with a separate way of operation. Once you memorize their moves and attacks, you can destroy them more easily.