Some might not think volunteering as a hobby, but it’s certainly an activity that people can enjoy in their spare time. It has a lot of benefits that make you feel good when you’re able to give back to the community, especially to a cause that matters to you. You also may get involved in a friendly community of volunteers and broaden your network.

Besides, you might be able to volunteer at work where you’d love and specifically run by volunteers. It’s the next best thing to work there.

On the other hand, volunteering at an organization also can help you develop and master new skills you can use to boost your resume.

Get Artsy

Based on the medium, most artistic hobbies can be done  differently, especially when you expect one-time investments to pay off in the future.

For example, you might need to buy some equipment as pencils, brushes, paper, and paint, but the equipment and materials would last for a few months.

You also could design poster on the computer. There are a number of programs available for free, while allowing you earn money from it. You even could go back to basics and simply use adult coloring books to pass the time, or you can attend a art class at a craft store.


You might not think of learning as a hobby, but the options are endless here. You can choose among learn a new language. a new skill that you can make use of at work. Or maybe there is a topic specific important to you that you’ve always wanted to research. None of this has to involve formal research; you can follow your own way at your own pace. The pursuit of knowledge is worthy, and there are free resources available online and at local libraries that you can use to learn more.