The film’s script is quite similar to that of modern comic books. Our two main characters are drawn into the world of a PC game that Squeegie is developing due to electric shock.

And so the two Hornio brothers travel together in the computer world. They meet and defeat the bad guys who want to stop the attempt to rescue Princess Perlina and undermine the plot of the turtle boss Pooper. After being separated from her brother, Squeegie tries to rescue Princess Perlina alone. But he is discovered and defeated by Pooper, but Ornio suddenly appears.

In episode two, the camera lens showing Princess Perlina and Ornio reappeared in Squeegie’s office in the real world. Although Ornio wondered where his brother was, Perlina distracted him.

He escapes and plots to spawn an army of baby Pooper, while Squeegie believes Pooper’s generator is what makes him possible in the real world. Squeegie decided he needed to destroy Pooper’s generator by returning to the computer world. They succeed and in the final scene, Perlina hugs Ornio while ignoring Squeegie, causing the guy to look at the camera angrily.

This is an unprecedented thing in the history of the American adult film industry. But Ron only realized this when another company called Hot Movies tried to buy back his episodes and heard about the deal with Nintendo.

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They put out a challenge to users of the “Horrors of Pornography” column. It means the horror of the adult film industry to “rescue” this film.