PlayPark game portal has officially launched Crossout – MMOG action game based on a post-apocalyptic world. The main content of Crossout allows players to assemble unique machines from materials collected outside of Earth.

The world of Crossout is home to groups of survivors with different ways of playing. Lunatics, for example, represents a group of people who are bohemian, independent and love fast cars, melee combat. The Steppenwolves are well-trained veterans in battle tactics, with good armored vehicles and long-range cannons.

The map system and game mode are also one of Crossout’s impressive elements. The battles will take players to many different locations on the map such as abandoned factories, dry river.

In their quest for resources and domination, players will attack the settlements. They protect the merchant convoys from raids, destroy oil rigs or attempt to defeat the Leviathans.

In between battles, players can have fun with the Race mode. It was a race to take first place when going downhill without using weapons. Although launched in the European market, Crossout still receives the love of the Asian gaming community.

After a period of negotiation and preparation, the publisher Asiasoft (Playpark) has officially launched this game in other countries. This is a start that promises to bring the best experience to the community of players.

Crossout games allow players to design fantasy vehicles for use in PvP battles with real gamers or PvE missions with the presence of intelligent AI. Assemble vehicles from individual parts, drive them into battle, and destroy your enemies in fiery online battles.

Crossout gameplay focuses on crafting and upgrading vehicles in battle, being able to trade and exchange details to create unique combat machines. The game is set in the post-apocalyptic period, after the nuclear war and the failed genetic tests similar to those in the Mad Max universe.