Fostering Animals
If you’re not in the best financial position to adopt an animal, or if you don’t want a super long-term commitment to one, fostering can be a good way to indulge in your love for all things furry.

You’re helping to make space in a shelter, to socialize an animal, and to give the animal a break from the stressful environment of a shelter. Plus, most foster agreements stipulate that the shelter or organization is responsible for medical care, and they may be nice enough to supply you with pessentials as well.

It’s basically the same cost as having a pet, without the adoption or medical fees.

If you can’t help but get attached, pet-sitting is a good alternative.

This is another one that might sound strange, but believe it or not, decluttering can become pretty addicting once you get into it. Some people have even created businesses around helping people declutter!

As a bonus, this is actually a hobby that might pay you, since you may decide to get rid of some things that others will pay for.

Another added bonus? This creates space in your house, so if you’ve been thinking of buying a storage garage or upgrading your house, you might not need to do so once you declutter

Origami is an ancient art of folding paper to create interesting figures and shapes. You can start with simple shapes of animals or other things. There are many online classes for beginners which explain step by step procedure of origami, You can also find easy to understand guidebooks to help learn this art.

Through this series, we have suggested a list of very interesting hobbies for you to enjoy during this stressful time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hope you find something that relief you from all this hectic.