Walt Disney – The boss “happiest land in the world”

Legendary Walter Elias Disney is celebrated by the world for his dedication to the film production industry. He has contributed to mankind numerous improvements in the making of new types of films. Although love and happiness are the two factors that contribute to the Disney brand. But the studio founder’s own childhood did not have […]

The movie actor ‘‘ The Rock” – Dwayne Johnson is the top income-maker in the world

Movie actor ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson is still the hottest name in Hollywood. As he always topped the list of huge income for 2 consecutive years. Also, second is Ryan Reynolds, who co-starred with Johnson in the film Red Notice. Total revenue of 71.5 million USD in 1 year, with 20 million USD. That’s when […]

Time travel 4.0 – What is the tourism trend of young people

Solo travel can be said to be a fairly common tourism trend among young people today, especially for women. Women are becoming more and more independent and creating a leader in society. Discovering new things for yourself is another way for them to prove their independence and strong spirit. Moreover, this can help expand exchanges, […]