Original Sin 2 and its differences from the previous installment

Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be released this month, Divinity fans should prepare to get used to it. In this boot, let’s go to the topic that many players are most interested in: whether it is necessary to play part 1 of Divinity: Original Sin to understand the whole story?

Good news for those who are wondering between having to play Divinity: Original Sin 1 to fully understand part 2. It is the plot of these two completely independent from each other, the common point is that they are set in the same context of Divinity World: Original Sin only.

One of the biggest differences of Divinity: Original Sin 2 compared to part 1 is the character line. If in part 1 we will follow the two main male and female characters with a plot revolving around them, then in part 2 things will change completely.

At Divinity Original Sin 2 everything is completely liberalized. You can create your own main character or choose from available characters in the game. Each of these people will have an independent life and storyline. This means that in addition to the main game, you will learn about the side effects of each member of the party spanning the process of learning the world of Divinity: Original Sin 2.

This makes the duration of the game longer and more attractive, guessing that you will spend about 15 hours more to understand the entire plot of each character. If in part 1, the player who is framed in a certain race is human, then in part 2 things will be much more diverse. A total of 4 races in Divinity Original Sin 2 for you to control.

Each race will have different stats, so depending on the class of melee characters, archers or mages, you will have the appropriate choice. Race also affects how NPCs talk to your party, for example spirits are not very welcome in human cities.

Lizards always consider themselves the upper class with everyone around them. Therefore, choosing a diverse party will help you a lot during the game.

Mass Effect – Star Wars of the game world

Mass Effect is one of the great action shooter series that everyone should play through. It is set when humans have gone out into space and joined species from all over the planet.

In the game, the characters can use a special ability like The Force of Star Wars. The character’s skills are quite important and useful, helping to give the player a great advantage.

The main character is Shepard – an earth soldier. You can customize the character’s face and gender, but Shepard’s canon face is still the default face. Depending on the class of the main character, there will be a set of skills and weapons that must be used.

At the beginning of the game, Shepard and his two teammates were sent to the planet Eden Prime. You need to collect Prothean Beacon items and investigate about the strange creatures that attacked the team on that planet earlier.

Not long after stepping down, a young man on the team fell asleep from Headshot by a Geth army drone. It was an army of machines with artificial intelligence, so only one young man left to fight with Shepard was Kaidan.

The two find the first survivor on the planet is Ashley – a girl in the army following the research team. Everyone found it odd that the Geths never left their planet Veil.

Not only the Geth army is the only enemy on the planet, but also creatures that look like zombies created by Geth’s army on it. Shepard discovers that the one who has led these incidents is a Turian creature named Saren.

He also targeted the Beacon on the planet but used it with his own intrigue. When Shepard finds Saren, he sees a strange spaceship with a shape like a squid flying off the planet. However, Shepard did not know what it was.

Review Game Space Cows

Normally, the left analog will be used to move, while the right analog to adjust the shooting direction of the character. Space Cows is set in a world where the main character is a gentle, lonely farmer, whose fortune only has a dairy cow as a friend.

Therefore, the character movement is not simply where to go, but will also be affected by deviation and delay after each turn. These little factors add to the value of the game, leaving players excited and sticking with Space Cows for a considerable amount of time.

It seems that Space Cows belongs to this segment, when the game is taken seriously and thoughtfully. That’s with a horizontal screen 2D layout, but using completely 3D character models and environments. Space Cows shows the player a quite sophisticated and meticulous investment.

In general, for the easygoing people, this can also be considered an effort of the company, but with many more difficult people, it will inevitably be despised. After all, the layout of the Space Cows buttons and controls doesn’t seem very convenient.

I don’t know what other versions are, but in the Nintendo Switch version used by the writer, it is confused. Because they are too close together while the use is completely different.

You are Xervox, an alien receiving a distress signal from a small blue planet. Their farm animals were tested on and as a result received dangerously high intelligence!

Space Cows is a free game developed by Seven Diamonds, under the category Arcade Games. Once downloaded, click on the file you just downloaded to begin the installation process.

The installation interface is very simple, the installation will take place quickly. If there is any problem you can go to FAQ of Bluestacks to see how to handle.

Review Game Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered – Twenty years old, and we’re still back here to review this game. Why so?

So the story? Judging how valuable a story is, is somewhat difficult to tell. But this game really does not stand out as its predecessor in the plot. If Square Enix used artificial intelligence smoothing technology like Gigapixel AI to sharpen the background images, things would probably be better than seen.

Returning to the Junction System, when meeting enemies, you can draw magic from them to transfer over you. Smoking is allowed, you can cast it again on an enemy, and this will destroy a unit of that spell.

You can have at most 100 units per spell, and the stat assigned will increase depending on the spell type and the number of the spell. In addition, you can assign spells to immunity or to have certain elemental or state attacks.

This led to some criticism of the system, as it sometimes makes the experience repetitive. However, the Remaster has a function of 3 times that speed, which will make the process much faster.

In addition, a feature that is also quite important and unique to each character is Limit Break. When your character is in a critical state of blood, you can perform special and different attacks.

And specifically what they are, experience yourself so that the game will guide you. Final Fantasy VIII is not the title game with the most compelling, most dramatic, or the most traumatic storyline. But it is a very beautiful and fulfilling story.

The protagonist Squall is born to fulfill a destiny to which he is entrusted, only to win. He goes back to where he started in the past.

Fate and fulfillment do not stop there. The love between Squall and Rinoa is also being guided, a happy ending to the unfinished past of their parents.

When Monster Hunter Rise is inspired by Japanese mythology

Monster Hunter Rise is widely announced by Capcom to fans. The newest member of the cult game series will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in March next year.

Tetranadon is one of the most impressive monsters appearing in the game’s trailer. It features a huge body, a giant speculum and a rugged green hump behind its back.

In an interview with the reporter, the project’s director, Mr. Ichinose Yasunari, said that Tetranadon was inspired by the Japanese character Kappa. In Japanese culture, the Kappa is a green, humanoid monster with a turtle-like shell behind its back.

Kappa often live in waterways and love to tease those who come close to their territory. Impressing with the ability to attack with a tail, Great Izuchi has an appearance that bears many similarities with the fox.

This monster is quite ferocious and will attack in groups with two small Izuchi supporting the Great Izuchi. Great Izuchi is inspired by the demon named Kamaitachi in Japanese legend.

Kamaitachi is often depicted as a fox with sickle-shaped sharp claws. They run around like flying and often attack when people are not paying attention.

Aknosom is a monster of the Bird Wyvern family with a large appearance with a crest that looks like an umbrella’s wings. Aknosom is inspired by the demon named Basan, or Basabasa. In Japanese culture, Basan is known as a giant rooster with a crimson crest. This monster has the ability to blow fire.

Typically, the spider monster Yatsukadaki appeared in the trailer, which made fans extremely excited. Although not much information about Yatsukadaki is known, it is likely that this monster was inspired by the demon named Jorogumo.

Jorogumo are youkai with the ability to transform. They often turn into beautiful girls to seduce people. And when he mastered the victim’s mind, Jorogumo appeared to form a giant spider and devoured the ill.

Review Game Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 – What is the motivation for people to overcome all the difficulties? It was the thought that the reward at the end of the road satisfied every trouble I went through.

At the same time, the game also regularly rewards players with items they pick up every time they kill monsters. It makes the player feel like they’re continuously developing their character.

They feel they are becoming stronger, no matter how big or small. This structure ensures that the game will always get players’ attention and encourages them to continue playing.

Borderlands debut, combining the genre with first-person shooters. The game has quickly captured the hearts of gamers around the world with its unique contemporary draw. The easy and addictive gameplay with a sense of humor cannot help but appear in the versions.

Borderlands sequel was released and has instantly become one of the best-selling titles on seventh generation consoles. Now, seven years after Borderlands 2 came out and ten years after the original came out.

In Borderlands 3, the mobility has been completely improved. You can also glide across the ground with the push of a sit button while running like any recent first-person shooter. These factors make the action of the game more agile and cool.

Besides, the city of Sanctuary is now turned into a spaceship. You can buy upgrades that carry more furniture at Marcus’s store with money.

That’s not at the black market with Eridium. Lilith wants to find the marked Vault in the galaxy to prevent others from using them for evil purposes. But to do this, they must find the key containing the map of the lost Vault.

In short, you will have to wait until the 16th mission to be able to fully equip 8 items for your character. That’s reducing the number of times you have to open the inventory to switch to a new weapon.

Review the game Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion – Ubisoft’s famous hacker game was officially released on PS4, Xbox One and PC. So what about Watch Dogs: Legion? This game also received a lot of praise in parallel with the criticism despite many significant improvements compared to the previous two games.

Temporarily leaving the two cities of Chicago and San Francisco in the US, Watch Dogs: Legion brings players to London, England in the near future. After the events of Watch Dogs 2, there was a huge change in technological development around the world.

As a result, automated machines and artificial intelligence are popping up everywhere. This had a positive effect on the UK economy, but as a result many people in the country were left out of their jobs.

There are also drones and electric vehicles on the streets of London that are automatically controlled through a system called ctOs. This is a computer network developed by the tech company Blume that we encountered in the first two games.

We in this section are Albion – a military company with jurisdiction over London, and Clan Kelly – a criminal organization specializing in trafficking, transporting people through the dark web. Legion is not too different from Watch Dogs 2.

Although London is built in the future, Ubisoft still retains the historical features of London combined with strong development from technology. They make for a beautiful city of London. That’s great for running around exploring the city and hacking into devices or snooping on pedestrian information.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft has brought players a new experience that you can play a lot of characters through recruiting new members to the hacker guild. You can recruit a laner or even an enemy hacker or Albion henchman, as long as you find a weakness or find what that person needs.

Walt Disney – The boss “happiest land in the world”

Legendary Walter Elias Disney is celebrated by the world for his dedication to the film production industry. He has contributed to mankind numerous improvements in the making of new types of films.

Although love and happiness are the two factors that contribute to the Disney brand. But the studio founder’s own childhood did not have those two weaknesses.

Walt Disney’s childhood was a series of days often whipped by his father. Walt and his brother suffered many blows from their father when they did something wrong.

In order to avoid the brutality of his father, Walt started drawing. The colorful pens quickly became intimate items of the young boy. Under Walt’s pen, life is no longer cruel and dark, but filled with love and happiness. This is where Walt dreams of living.

After the war, Walt moved to Kansas City, Missouri and worked at advertising animation production company Film Ad Co. The work here has given Walt many valuable lessons. The young man was fascinated by colorful cartoon characters that could move. From this moment, Walt wanted to make his own characters.

The first step is to turn the private garage into a studio for Walt to unleash his creativity. From original borrowed devices, Walt produces short animated films. The debut product brings with it the pride and happiness of a young producer.

However, Walt was nearly unable to convince theater owners to release his movies. In the midst of the film market with the abundance of well-invested productions at that time, Walt quickly failed. The consequences of the chronic loss caused Walt to sell an apartment, live in the office and sleep on the cold bench. Then, he must do everything to survive.

Homeless life lasted until 1923, Walt moved to Los Angeles to restart his career. Thanks to talent and help from his brother, Walt began to gain a foothold in the profession and have capital. This time, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a cartoon character born under Walt’s hand was known and loved by many people.

From here, Mickey Mouse, a friend of millions of children around the world was born. To make his character more perfect, Walt hired a team of professional painters and rendering engineers. He uses state-of-the-art technology to create realistic character movements and sounds.

Italian and The world music

Without a doubt, Italy is the most influential country in the history of world music. Many other countries took this position in the 19th century, but despite that, the supremacy of Italian music still persists throughout this long period of time.

It was also found that Domenico Scarlatti composed many fugues, sonatas, and many other solo works. These works are performed with very skillful techniques, so he is called the father of modern piano art.

It was understood why the musical terms are all Italian. They form a music-specific list of words that are more widely known than any other language. Even so, that caused the attempt of some modern composers to fail when trying to introduce some terms from the language of their country.

In this area, Italy is also a pioneer. Although France and Germany soon had violinists, Corelli and Tartini were still pioneers in both composition and performance.

Many of Tartini’s students also went to Germany to teach, but the German violin school was not as well developed as in France. Italy produced the greatest violinist the world had never seen before, Nicolo Paganini.

Mozart came to Italy in 1770 and then also spent some time there. Like Gluck, Mozart has enjoyed great success from a series of operas and received many honors.

Rossini is also a prominent Italian composer abroad. Vienna, London and Paris all witnessed his successes. The early works of Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi though presented more on the surface than in depth. But no one can deny their importance in world music.

A great composer than Rossini is Cherubini. With an innovation in orchestral writing, Cherubini is known as an Italian living in France and writing German music. His overture is still admired and his operas still appear on stage. Especially the sacred works of the end of life contain many pure beauty.

Doraemon – The journey back to childhood

Doraemon is a futuristic robot cat in the manga of the same name by the late author Fujiko F. Fujio. In Doremon episodes I prefer the stories longer than the odd stories because each episode takes me on a different adventure.

Going to distant lands and planets to discover more new things. After so many years, no matter how many times I read it again, Doremon still gives me a feeling of excitement mixed with a little revival.

And just recently I came across a series of Doremon stories that I have never seen before. Still those familiar faces, still an adventure to a whole new land. The only difference is that it is shown through the game, not on the pages only.

One fine day, Nobita was lying outside the football field thinking about how to do summer homework, and accidentally found a strange seed. He and Doremon didn’t know what kind of tree, so he invited the group to the mountain behind the school to plant them.

Surprisingly, after watering, it immediately germinated and grew into a giant tree. At that moment, a great storm suddenly appeared to sweep the tree and the group of friends into the space-time tunnel.

When they woke up, they found themselves transported to an unfamiliar land. Doremon, while unconscious, was stolen by wild beasts and lost many miraculous treasures, leading to them being stuck indefinitely.

After calming down, the group began to learn about this place. With the help of the residents, they have decided to stay temporarily. My favorite is the sunset on the forest. It reminds me of my childhood when I went back to my hometown to play, somehow feeling strangely peaceful.

Since it’s a simulation management game, our job is to develop the abandoned farm Nobita owns. It is nothing but a wreckage